To Athletes Who Want To Manage Their Weight

“You’re About To Learn The 'Secrets' That Most
Athletes Will Never Know About How To Really
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- Kevin Rokosh, BicyclingBlogger

Start a healthy relationship with the food you eat. Pay attention to what you put in your mouth. Enjoy the foods you eat. And stop overeating now.

When you start using DietPower you'll discover secrets like ...
  • Exactly how to balance your carbs, proteins and fats to match any weight-loss or weight maintenance plan out there - low-carb, high-carb and anything in between
  • Find out if you truly have a "high metabolism" - stop fooling yourself by thinking you burn a lot of calories just to stay alive - after a few days of use the software actually learns your basal metabolic rate
  • Whether or not your weight-loss goal is truly achievable - you set the target date and the software lets you know if it'll be hard or easy. If you stray along the way, discover how to quickly get yourself back on track
  • Expose the Nutrition Quotient (NQ) of everything you eat to help you reach nutritional success - the software has a database of over 11,000 foods, including more than 2500 chain-restaurant foods - are you eating junk, or foods that are quality nutritional carriers?
  • How to use the NQ to tailor your favorite recipes and make them nutritionally complete
  • Which foods you can splurge on, yet still meet your nutritional and weight-loss goals
Turn your personal computer into a full-time personal dietitian for a one-time purchase that's a fraction of the hourly rate a professional would charge you. Start making food choices that help you, not hurt you.

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So many people have found weight-loss success with DietPower....

"The Diet Power approach to monitoring your weight, calorie intake and exercise and using that to get a constantly revised daily calorie budget that tracks your progress and your metabolic rate has enabled me to hit my target weight within a week of my target date." - David A.

"With the holiday season approaching rapidly, there are going to be many tasty treats and family feasts. It can be difficult to keep track of your eating especially with food in abundance. For anyone looking for a software that takes the brain work out of proper diet and exercise, there is a program called Diet Power. My wife and I can attest to the programs excellent course. We have both been amazed at what we thought was healthy and was not, or vice versa. It has really opened my eyes to what I was eating and has changed what I order or cook." - Josh V.

"I first learned about Diet Power from the Discovery Health Channel, where someone used your program to win the first Body Challenge. At the time, I knew I was hauling around an extra 30 pounds—but I was also racing mountain bikes and considered myself fit. Diet Power showed me there is a difference between fitness and health. I put myself on a more balanced diet, and those 30 pounds disappeared in a few months. I still use the program to help my body learn when 'enough is enough' at the dinner table. Your product has changed my life, and I have passed the knowledge on to my children as well." - Clay F.

"It's been about three years since I started using Diet Power, and I've gone from 235 to 160 pounds. My blood pressure today was 122/72 (not bad for a 56-year-old with high blood pressure), and my body fat is 13.7 percent. Diet Power didn't make it easier, but helped make it work. By having good information on what I was eating and how much I was exercising, and being able to evaluate the impact of my diet, I've learned a lot of positive, life-long habits for great eating." - Karl H.
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Are you serious about your training? Then you need to be serious about your eating. DietPower will give you the edge to make informed dietary decisions.

Kevin Rokosh
Your BicyclingBlogger

P.S. Not only does DietPower track your "calories-in", but it also tracks your "calories-out". The software has an exercise database of 1000+ activities. All customizable to your own weight. Besides tracking your cycling calorie burn rates, you can track practically any of your cross-training activities too.

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P.P.S In fact, don't buy the software yet. Take the 15 day free trial first, and see if it really works for you. I'm sure you'll find it a valuable piece of software for your training toolkit. So when you do make your purchase, be sure to put BicyclingBlogger (no spaces) in the "Authorized Dealer" field to lock in your $5 savings.

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