Open Track

Note the tag for this post. It's "Open Track".

If you've ever been to a track meet at a velodrome, you'll have an idea what it means. During a meet there will usually be some periods of time between events when the track is open for everyone to ride. Time to spin, do some sprint starts, cruise at pursuit speed. Anything, so long as you mind the others sharing the track.

Warning: Open Track Might Get You Thinking

Well, my posts labeled "Open Track" will be like editorials. I'll open my mind up to talk about something that's not necessarily related to the core contents of Bicycling Blogger (you know, the stuff to help you be a better cyclist, or at least have some more fun along the way).

Open Track - Optional Thinking

Open Track might be my comments about something in the news of cycling, or about the cycling blogosphere, or about sport in general. Maybe it's easier to say what these posts won't be. Open Track won't be about any specific tips. But it will be editorial, and will hopefully get you thinking a bit - if you really want to. Thinking is an option. I won't beat you with a frame pump if you don't think along with me.

I don't have an agenda. Okay, maybe I do. I think everyone should be fit forever. You'll get way more life out of your small blip in time if you can be even a little bit physically active.

'Nuf said. What's on your mind? Post a comment and let us know.

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