Giving Back To Our World Community

If you weren't aware, today is National Regifting Day. It's an annual, but obscure, observance that falls on the Thursday before Christmas. The idea comes from the typical office Christmas party, where it's said that 40% of office gifts are actually re-gifts - something not used, and given again.

On BicyclingBlogger I've got a couple ideas to observe this day.

Let's Give Away Some Swag!

First, my long-term idea is to re-gift product that has been sent to me over the past year by vendors who are looking to have their products reviewed by me on BicyclingBlogger. I've gotten a few things sent to me in past years, but since I've been a little quiet, I really don't have anything "fresh" to give away this year. But let's change that for next year.

If you are a vendor, feel free to contact me and send me product samples to review on the blog sometime over this next calendar year. Use the "Pitch Me" button, over there on the right.

If you are a reader, please subscribe through the FeedBurner link (if you haven't already done so). Next year, on National Regifting Day, I will draw at least one (perhaps more) lucky email(s) from that base of subscribers to receive a re-gifted product sample that has been sent to me. And I promise, this won't be an empty energy bar wrapper! I hope it can be something special. If it is used, it will only be lightly used because I had to use it for my review.

So grab a FeedBurner subscription today, so you can be in the mix for the draw next year!

Let's Donate Some Money!

Second, in place of the draw this year, I'll be giving back to our world cycling community by making a $50 donation to... and here's where you come in.

I've found two possible charities that we can support, one which I've supported through BicyclingBlogger in the past.

  1. Project Rwanda. Bringing hope back to Rwanda through the use of the bicycle as a tool, and supporting Team Rwanda Cycling. I've donated to these folks in the past. Click here to read all about it.
  2. World Bicycle Relief. Founded after the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami on December 26, 2004, World Bicycle Relief builds and delivers bicycles and establishes bicycle maintenance programs throughout Africa, bringing access to education, healthcare and economic activity to otherwise impoverished communities.
Your job is to tell me where to send the money! Have a look at these two worthy projects, and then leave a comment with your vote on who should receive the donation. Next week, I'll look over the comments, and will announce who will receive the donation this year.

That's it. That's National Regifting Day this year at BicyclingBlogger. Grab your FeedBurner subscription for next year, and leave your vote for the donation in the comments section below for this year...

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