Sunday Group Ride - A Weekly Digest

The Sunday Group Ride is a cycling tradition when you get together with your club or just a group of riding buddies. As much as it's a fitness event, it's also a good social time to catch up with your friends.

Well here on Bicycling Blogger we obviously can't ride together, but I can give you a digest of this weeks blog posts so you can catch up if you've missed something or simply want to revisit a post. And if anything really got you thinking, by all means leave us a comment!

Here's this week's digest:

After 3 years of virtual silence, Bicycling Blogger gets going again with Part 1 of the story about my ICD: Bicycling Blogger Restarts With An ICD - Part 1

Let the brainstorming begin! A summit is convened in London to begin the process of coming up with ideas to clean up cycling's doping scandals: Change Cycling Now

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is holding an online poll to name Canada's 2012 Athlete of the Year. Of course Ryder Hesjedal Has To Be Athlete Of The Year!

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