Sunday Group Ride - A Weekly Digest

The Sunday Group Ride is a cycling tradition when you get together with your club or just a group of riding buddies. As much as it's a fitness event, it's also a good social time to catch up with your friends.

Well here on Bicycling Blogger we obviously can't ride together, but I can give you a digest of this week's blog posts so you can either catch up if you've missed something or simply want to revisit a post. And if anything really got you thinking, by all means leave us a comment!

Here's this week's digest:

I throw a few performance-enhancing jabs at Santa in this post, while I outline a few gift ideas for yourself and the cyclists you're shopping for this holiday season.

2012 - Santa, I've Been Good...

Ryder Hesjedal gotten beaten on the line in this Year's CBC Athlete of the Year Poll.

Results of the CBC Athlete Of The Year Poll

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to ride faster is to weigh less? One approach is to buy a super-light-weight bike and all sorts of super-light-weight components. But that's an expensive approach, and it really won't buy you very much if you've got 10+ lbs to lose. This article gives you 5 unique solutions to your fat loss problems. They are something you should consider this off-season, that will not only help you lean-up for next year's riding season, but will help you look TEN years younger too...plenty of interesting facts that you have probably never heard of before.

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Health Tip Of The Week:

Balance and agility decline with age. A simple balancing exercise is to stand on one foot while brushing your teeth.

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