World Bicycle Relief Gets The Donation

Before the holiday break, I proposed that we celebrate National Regifting Day through a donation to a cycling-related charity. I was hoping to get a few comments as to where the donation should be directed. I've got many readers, but it seems most of you are a little shy when it comes to submitting comments. Nonetheless, I've moved to the front of the peloton, and will take the pull for you all!

I've decided to send our $50 donation to World Bicycle Relief. It is a charity that formed in response to the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 that devastated the countries surrounding the Indian Ocean. Its images profoundly changed my world-view ever since, but that's another story.

$50 puts a set of tools into a mechanic's hands. It will help the communities that receive bicycles from World Bicycle Relief keep those bicycles in good working order for many years to come.

Please take a moment to view the thank-you card I created for all of you HERE.

I encourage you all to take a pull for our peloton too, and click on over to World Bicycle Relief yourself and make your own donation - big or small. Every penny helps!

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