After half a season of racing (and what a full schedule it's been - almost every weekend since the beginning of May has been plastered with a stage race) my mind is beginning to feel plastered too!

At times like these, the Bicyclist's mind should turn to a little R&R. I don't know about you, but I still like to keep the entertainment somewhat cycling-related. On that note, I'll be writing a few posts about some cycling-related diversions off the bike. Things like books, videos and bike-related websites I've found.

The Tour de France of course is a great diversion for me at this time of year. After all my suffering I get to watch the real riders go at it. My 3- and 4-stage events are puny next to their 21-day race. On Stage 5, I found a reference to the variety of victory salutes used throughout the peloton.

Even if you haven't had a chance to try any of these yourself, prepare for the day it happens (and it will - just keep at it and maybe with a little help from my blog here you'll get to the pinnacle of the podium too). Go take a look and select your own signature salute!

The Lore of the Victory Salute

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