Let Alex Stieda Make You Sweat This Winter

Imagine it's January. You know you should ride your trainer. But man, it's tough. It's cold outside. And if you're like most of us working 9 to 5, when you have the time to train it'll be dark too. You'll stare at your bike on the trainer and say, "Damn I hate you!"

Well, this winter don't let that happen to you. Find a supportive group to share your indoor training with. The group experience will charge you with energy to stick with your program throughout the winter. And you'll have a whole lot of fun too. After all, shouldn't cycling be fun, whether it's indoors or outdoors?

So if you live in the Edmonton area, my friend Alex Stieda has the answer for your winter training. He's put together a fantastic program. If you don't live around here, I'm sure you can find something similar in your area.

Here's what Alex has to offer:

Alex Stieda’s “Secrets of the Road”

RE: Winter Sweat = Spring Performance!


NOW is the time! Take your 2009 cycling goal and turn it into reality. We’re starting up our indoor training program in the first week of November.

I am inviting you to participate in a 3x/week, morning indoor road bike workout.

Over the Winter, I will personally guide you through an invigorating, progressive, program that is designed to build your strength and stamina on the bike so that you will be ready to hit the road in the Spring.

  • 3x/week, mornings (Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings; 7:00-8:00AM)
  • Exclusive – maximum 10/class
  • November 3 - March 27
  • Progressive, structured workouts based on your heart rate zones
  • Store your road bike and trainer on location
  • Complete shower and grooming facilities included
  • Complete your core workout at the gym (additional charge)
  • Coordinate a VO2 fitness test at UofA (additional charge)
*This is program is NOT for ABA licensed racers. It IS for folks who want to stay fit during the Winter and improve their cycling.

  • Norm Lacombe’s Hockey Impact (West end: 14225 115 Ave, North of the Science center)
Pricing: $225/month (or $410/2 month session) payable to “Alex Stieda Cycling”. Options for 1x or 2x per week.

You will be able to leave your road bike and trainer at the gym (at your own risk). We will provide lockable storage.

Please let me know (via email or phone) by October 31st to confirm your spot. If you have friends that would like to join, please forward this email onto them.


Alex Stieda
The Alex Stieda Cycling Experience
"Feel the Road"

Mobile: 780.974.7873
Email: alex@stiedacycling.com
Web: www.stiedacycling.com

Hot Cycling Tips: go to http://www.bicycling.com/ and search for “Alex Stieda” for helpful hints on improving your ‘game’.

Most of our clients are referred to us by satisfied customers. If you’ve had a positive experience on a Stieda Cycling program we would appreciate your help in spreading the word. Thank you in advance!

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