Time Trialling Inspiration Courtesy of Cancellara

While we're all getting our time trial legs going this season, here's an inspiring video of cycling's best-ever TT hero: Fabian Cancellara.

As you watch the video, put yourself in his shoes and clip-in...

See yourself as Spartacus sitting on the hot seat in the start box during those last anxious moments before launching down the start ramp. Finally, your race is underway, and you can simply focus on "Getting 'er Done!"

Look at his leg speed. Look again closely. Think about that while hunting for your own gears, wondering if grinding it out between 85 and 90 rpm really will make you go faster than if you were to spin it out at 100 rpm.

Watch him destroy Wiggins, who seems so demoralized he ends up stopping and throwing his bike across the road in disgust. See yourself reel in your minuteman, and utterly blow by him as though he were out for a Sunday ride.

See Cancellara triumph once again, winning the battle against the clock, that same clock you race against. Only you can make it stop once you've pressed your pedal one final push over the finish line.

We all fight against the same clock in a time trial. In your next TT, it's your turn to win the battle.

Enjoy the inspiration...