5 Questions To Evaluate Your Season

By now you should have started your off-season training. If you haven't begun, at least get into the habit of riding regularly, but don't worry if your rides have structure, or not. Just get back into the swing of things.

But before you get too much further down the road, make sure you evaluate this last season. Here are 5 simple questions to ask yourself. The questions are simple. Your analysis and answers might not be.

It is said, that which is measured is improved. By the same token, you can also say, that which is examined can be improved.

The 5 Evaluation Questions

  1. Which of your Goals from this past season did you actually achieve?
  2. Which of those Goals did you not achieve?
  3. What were your Greatest Strengths in the spectrum of the standard 6 key physiological abilities: aerobic endurance - how long can you ride; muscular endurance - how much average power you can maintain for 20+mins; lactate threshold - managing and holding that critical power output above which you quickly blow up; aerobic capacity - how much power you can produce during a 3-5min effort; anaerobic capacity - the longest time you can maintain a flat-out effort; and neuromuscular power - how much power you can produce at cadences above 130rpm?
  4. What were your Greatest Weaknesses in the spectrum of the above 6 physiological abilities?
  5. Overall, would you call it a great season, mediocre, or lousy? How does this past season really make you feel?
Your answers to these 5 questions will really help to clarify how you will be training this winter. Please go HERE on Active.com to read the full article by Tyrone Holmes who discusses these questions in more detail. Then, poke around back here on BicyclingBlogger.com to help you find some of the answers, and what you might want  to do differently this off-season. 

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