Wishing You A Big Red Bicycle Christmas

I hope Santa has been good to you this Christmas, and that you woke up to find lots of cycling goodies under the tree for you...

Celebrate the day with your bike! Give it a big hug, and tell it how much you love it. Tell it how much you appreciate that no matter how far from home it takes you, your bike never grumbles to bring you back home.

If it isn't too snowy where you live, then get outside for a ride today. Even a half-hour before Christmas dinner will help a few more of those Christmas carbs make it into stored muscle glycogen instead of some extra fat cells. Or if it's the only option, then hop on your trainer for a spin. See yourself racing Santa from roof-top to roof-top -  "E.T." style.

Merry Christmas from the Bicycling Blogger!

P.S. I still need votes for National Regifting Day - click here

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