Sunday Group Ride - A Weekly Digest

The Sunday Group Ride is a cycling tradition when you get together with your club or just a group of riding buddies. As much as it's a fitness event, it's also a good social time to catch up with your friends.

Well here on Bicycling Blogger we obviously can't ride together, but I can give you a digest of this week's blog posts so you can catch up if you've missed something or simply want to revisit a post. And if anything really got you thinking, by all means leave us a comment!

Here's this week's digest:

In Part 2 of the story about me and my ICD the assimilation is complete: Bicycling Blogger Restarts With An ICD: Part 2

Every good training plan needs goals. But before you start setting goals for next season, check your rear-view mirror and look back at this season. What have your learned? 5 Questions To Evaluate Your Season

The Change Cycling Now group concluded last weekend's summit by drafting a Charter-of-the-Willing and proposed 3 goals to rehabilitate professional cycling: Change Cycling Now Drafts 3 Goals

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