High Intensity Exercise Training For Weight Loss

As I try to stay warm in our Edmonton winter this year (-16°C right now, mid-day, and dropping) I'm perusing the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise article database. I know, sounds geeky, but it's what I do to bring you some valuable information you might not otherwise discover.

I have found a new report published just this week that supports my approach to training: High Intensity Exercise Training (HEIT). (I'm still looking for a more catchy name to call this type of training. Let me know if you have any ideas.)

The Report's Findings

The report by B. Irving, et al, is titled: "Effect of Exercise Training Intensity on Abdominal Visceral Fat and Body Composition". It specifically studied weight loss in obese women, but the results can apply to all of us who train with intensity rather than volume as the main focus.

3 groups of women participated in the 16 week study. The control group maintained their existing exercise programs. The second group exercised 5 days per week, at an intensity less than their Lactate Threshold (LT) for 400 kcals burned during each session. The third group (the HEIT group) exercised 3 days per week at an intensity greater than LT, with another 2 sessions at an intensity less than LT. They also kept the calories burned during each session to 400 kcals.

The results showed the most significant reduction of abdominal fat in the HEIT group. And consider the total time to accomplish this feat. Burning 400 kcals following an HEIT routine will take you much less time than a more traditional Long Steady Distance routine.

You've Got To Give High Intensity Training A Try

My training is almost entirely focused on HEIT methods. It's been working for me with 5 to 8 hours of training per week.

If fitness is a goal, but perhaps more important, if weight loss to get you going in the right direction of a competitive power-to-weight ratio is a goal, then you've got to put some HEIT into your training.

And consider, if you've got to spend some time during the cold, dark, winter months on a stationary trainer, wouldn't you like to get great results without a lot of boring time watching the sweat drip from the end of your nose?

I'll blog more in future posts about how I go about HEIT. Why not grab a free BicyclingBlogger e-mail subscription to make sure you don't miss out. Use the box on the right...

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  1. Hey -- great blog for cyclists!! I've been doing High Intensity interval type training since I started training with Roland Semprie at his studio in Rosedale in Toronto. Not only have I noticed my endurance and speed on the bike have increased, but I've also lost weight and toned up. And overall, I spend less time training now than I used to! I recommend this approach ... if you're looking for some amazing cross-training in Toronto, you might want to give Roland a call -- he's fantastic.