Global Interval Day

Today marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Nobody has ever held a Global Interval Day before, but this year I challenge everyone to change that. I'm basing today's observance on something that usually puts a smile - a really big smile - on your face.

A Global Big-O

You see, since 2006 the Winter Solstice has been celebrated as Global Orgasm For Peace Day. I kid-you-not! Here's the Wikipedia entry: The idea is to have everyone celebrate the solstice through a global orgasm while thinking about peace. It's believed, through the concept of Global Consciousness, that these thoughts and actions will actually have a positive impact on human well-being. Yeah, it's a little "whoo-whoo" if you ask me. But roll with me here, will ya?

Orgasms and bikes? I'm not sure I want to go there. But it did give me an idea of something else to explore...

Bikes and Well-Being

Let's use the idea of Global Consciousness to change cycling now with a Global Interval! Dopers, we defy you and any and all your bullying tactics! The only honest way to ride faster is through interval training!

So here's your challenge for today - and it's something everybody can do legally:
Inside or outside (though most of us will be inside on our trainers today), your assignment is to ride at least a 1x1min interval at your maximum sustainable output for that minute - you should be totally spent and crying at the end, kinda like the Big-O for some! And during that interval, I want you to think about a world full of professional cycling without any dopers! Throw on your own best "Dead Elvis Grin" and think about how wrong, wrong, wrong it is to use any kind of doping products to be a competitive cyclist. The only way to become a truly hard working, honest cyclist is through lots of interval training, just like the simple 1 minute effort you're doing right now!
If everybody can truly understand, at the heart of all this, that to be a competitive cyclist it takes honest hard work, and carefully planned recovery, then maybe we can restore respectability to our wonderful sport.

Ride hard, and ride with passion! Celebrate Global Interval Day!

P.S. Remember, I need your National Regifting Day Vote - click here.

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