Sunday Group Ride - A Weekly Digest

Here's your Sunday Group Ride Weekly Digest for the week of December 17, 2012.

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Here's this week's digest:

Small conversations that lead to big ideas, that lead to really big things! The Tour of Alberta begins in 2013...

UCI ProTeam Cycling Comes To Alberta

This past Thursday was National Regifting Day. See how we intend to celebrate it this year. I need your vote!

Giving Back To Our World Community

I hope everyone had a chance to participate in Global Interval Day. If not, you can still get ready for next year...

Global Interval Day

How should you spend your time and resources to get faster? The answer is simple: train on a regular basis. But the execution can be difficult. To get yourself started on the right road to success this season, check out this archive of training resources. It contains both paid and free content, all of which will get you riding faster in 2013!

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Health Tip Of The Week:

The more fruits and vegetables a man eats, the less likely he is to have the type of prostate cancer that kills (Prostate Cancer, published online December 2012).

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