Sunday Group Ride - A Weekly Digest

Here's your Sunday Group Ride Weekly Digest for the past few weeks. My regular writing has been interrupted a bit by some training courses I've been taking. But here's a compendium of everything that has popped up on the blog since the last Sunday Ride...

If anything really got you thinking, by all means leave us a comment!

Here's this week's digest:

The Christmas Season began with And A Festivus For The Cyclists! All the Seinfeld fans out there will know where this one came from...

And some readers had a chance to enjoy a little cheer on Christmas Day when I posted Wishing You A Big Red Bicycle Christmas.

I found a number of reasons why us cyclists - and athletes in general - should consider supplementing with Vitamin C. There appear to be some performance enhancing benefits that we shouldn't be missing... And it's all legal! The Benefits of Vitamin C for Cyclists

I'm always looking for opportunities to give back to the cycling community. Sometimes it's helping my cycling club or my friends down at the velodrome. For Christmas, I like to find a cycling-related charity to help out. This year World Bicycling Relief Gets The Donation.

Sometimes we can get way too far ahead of ourselves when we plan out our training. It doesn't always need to be that way. As you get ready to go in 2013, please consider A Simple Plan For Your Cycling Goals.

And while you train hard and train easy, it is important to understand how your muscles are producing your power, and how they consume energy. Understanding your Power Pyramid will help create a memorable model for you.

As winter seems to drag on... and on... and on... we can get a little down on ourselves when we're really looking forward to getting outdoors to ride. If you need a little inspiration to keep going, see: Feeling The Fitness Monday Blues?

Finally, I thought it would be good for our community of cyclists if I keep my eyes open for product recalls. We all should be aware if our cycling components are safe and reliable. I'll be watching for cycling-related product recalls on a monthly basis, because frankly company announcements can get lost in the noise of life. Please review these 4 that I found - to make sure they don't affect you, but if they do...

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Health Tip Of The Week:

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. - Spanish proverb

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